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Idaho Pest Management Association 2021 Education Event 

December 14th-15th, 2021 

                                                     Turf and Ornamental seminar schedule 

Pest Management seminar schedule 

To view the recorded seminars, please follow the links below

Please keep in mind watching these videos will NOT qualify you for credits

2021 Pest Management Day

                                                                                  2021 Turf and Ornamental Day

2020 Idaho Pest Management Education

Recorded Webinars

Please follow the link above to access the recorded

webinars from the virtual event in 2020

Our Mission...

Our mission is to foster the success of all diverse sectors of the pest management industry by:

  • Providing outstanding educational opportunities to pest management professionals,
  • Actively advocating for the industry’s interests in government, and
  • Promoting a greater understanding and acceptance of the industry as vital to the safety, health, and comfort of the public
Our Vision...

To be the premier voice for Idaho’s pest management industries with a primary goal of protecting the health, property, and general welfare of our clients

The IPMA offers joint membership with the NPMA. 

Both organizations offer a variety of benefits to companies big and small.

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As we enter the warmer part of the year with increased outdoor work activity, OSHA has launched a Falls and Heat Campaign to assist employers and employees in learning about the various ways and means to prevent falls and heat injuries. OSHA has developed and provided electronic products and resources for your use.

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Our By-Laws

Learn the laws that govern our organization.

The IPMA Scholarship Fund

IPMA has a scholarship fund that you can now directly contribute to. You can either add $10 to your membership renewal, or feel free to donate additional funds here on the IPMA website. You may also call Ann Bates, IPMA Executive Coordinator. 


Please encourage students to apply for the scholarship.

Association Updates

Read the IPMA's response to the 2-4D Issue Here.

Idaho Pollinator Protection Plan Draft

Understanding Your Applicators - How to Help Them Pass Their Exams

Ester Update - Rules for Lawmaking: Read More Here

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