Frequently Asked Questions:

What is IPMA and what do you do?

Members of the Idaho Pest Management Association are lawn, pest, tree, and shrub companies that control insects, plant diseases, weeds, and pests in Idaho.

We help our members by providing meaningful and timely education, information, and services to promote professionalism and enhance the quality and safety of the services they provide to the public.

How can I make my company a member?

Just apply! Either here online or by sending in a form to P.O. Box 8841 Boise, ID 83707.

Can I get rid of pests myself with DIY treatments?

While there are some effective over-the-counter treatment options available, not all homeowners are trained in the proper usage of those materials and many must be applied strictly following the manufacturer’s instructions. Using a pest management professional may be the most efficient and cost-effective manner of treating and preventing pests.

How can I get rid of ants in my house?

Ants are some of the hardest pests to properly treat and prevent. DIY methods for ant removal can actually make the problem worse if not done correctly. A pest management professional will identify the type of ant entering your home, locate where the ant nest is and advise you on a treatment. Contact a Professional as soon as you can!

Why should I choose an IPMA member over a company who aren't members?

Our members receive ongoing training and stay up-to-date on the latest pest removal methods. Whether its bed bugs, termites, or ants, our members can identify and prevent problems before they become large-scale infestations. Saving you time and money.

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